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ECU Remapping Quedgeley, Gloucester

Choose Sparky's Cars And Campers Ltd if you are looking for ECU Remapping services in Gloucester

Our ECU remapping services in Gloucester allow you to fully customise the performance of your vehicle, allowing for bespoke tuning options. With decades of experience and top of the range, specialist equipment we can provide a number of remapping services that can offer a boost to performance, fuel efficiency and the responsiveness of your engine.

When vehicle manufacturers decide on their default ECU tuning settings they take into consideration a number of factors that would be considered redundant for many motorists. For example, they will be considering that the vehicle may be driven at high altitudes, with poor quality fuel, in hot climates or cold climates. As such the manufacturer tuning will be configured as a one size fits all solution to provide an average performance across numerous different circumstances.

Remapping your ECU is completely legal and is modified to sit within your vehicle’s operating tolerances meaning there is no risk to your vehicle. We do however advise that any performance changes made to your vehicle should be notified to your insurer.

With ECU remapping we can tune the vehicle specifically to the conditions you drive in, tailoring it to your specific needs. There are two general types of ECU remapping we are commonly asked to conduct:

  • Performance Tuning: We are able to remap the ECU to increase horsepower, torque and allow for smoother power delivery with improved throttle response.
  • Economy Tuning: With this remap we are looking to increase fuel efficiency and enhance the overall economy of the vehicle translating it into financial savings.


Mechanic doing a ECU Remap on a vehicle - ECU Remapping Quedgeley, Gloucester

For more information on ECU remapping in Gloucester call us on 07562 787457 or send us an email.

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